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We have two very talented groomers on staff who are more than qualified to give your pet a fresh new look!

  • Jen is very talented and keeps her prices competitive with other groomers in the area. Jen Wormhoudt, former owner of Diamonds in the Ruff grooming, has been with us now for almost four years and is very skilled in many different cuts for dogs and cats alike.
    Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Lindsey previously worked at the Pet Wellness Center before opening up her own grooming business in Altamont called Off the Chain Grooming. After a year as a business owner, Lindsey is coming back to the Pet Wellness Center as she missed being part of a team.
    Availability: Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

*All prices depend on the condition of your pet’s coat and their behavior. The groomer can give you an estimate at drop off. *All grooms include nail clipping, ear hair plucking, a bath, and anal gland expression. Please note that baths (Still includes anal gland expression, ear cleaning/plucking, & nail trim).