Orthopedic Surgery

We work with two outside orthopedic surgeons for all of our specialized orthopedic cases. These doctors come to our practice and perform the surgery, so that you do not have to travel. Your pet will then be hospitalized in our clinic until they are ready to go home. In most cases, they will need to stay 1-2 nights before being sent home. We do have to schedule these procedures ahead of time, so if your pet is in critical condition, it may be recommended that you take your pet to an emergency clinic. 

We work with Dr. Tim Holt, a board certified veterinary orthopedic surgeon, with Relief Surgical Services. He has been traveling and performing specialized surgeries for clinics all over the mid west since 2005. Dr. Holt offers a wide array of specialized procedures and consultations. The other surgeon we work with is Dr. Jennifer Wardlaw with Gateway Veterinary Surgery. Dr. Wardlaw became board certified in 2009 and has been performing surgeries and speaking at conferences ever since. Please give us a call with any questions about the services Dr. Holt & Dr. Wardlaw offer at 217-342-7444. 

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