Amanda Haas

Amanda is a native of Illinois, she grew up around the Chenoa area. She moved to the Effingham area to be closer to family about seven years ago. Amanda has been a part of our Pet Wellness Center team as a receptionist since July of 2015 and has previously worked as a Veterinary Assistant for more than five years. When she is not working, Amanda makes sure she sets aside her free time for the family needs (pets included). Amanda always knew she wanted to spend time working with small animals. Growing up, she can’t remember a time where her family didn’t have any pets, they have always been a part of her life and Amanda was the one who always brought home the strays that needed help. The different personalities of dogs and cats has always appealed to Amanda just because in a lot of ways, they are human and feel like we do. It is amazing to see the different traits and qualities. Amanda’s pets include two silly cats (Izzy and Charlie) and three old man dogs that still act like kids (Onyx, Gator and Max). All of her pet children were abandoned – cruelty rescues and have their own special personalities to enjoy.