Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

We are very serious about our anesthesia protocol here and our patient monitoring is top notch. In this section we will give

Kristina Monitoring

you a break down of our typical surgical protocol and the extra steps we take to ensure your pet is safe during their procedure. 

What to expect:

When your pet is scheduled for surgery, one of our friendly front desk associates will give you a call 24 hours prior to their procedure to confirm that the appointment is still going to work for you, give you a drop off time, and give you instructions on what to do prior to bringing your pet in. 

We will have you bring your pet in the morning of their procedure. A front desk associate will get you checked in and have you sign any necessary paperwork. From here, either the doctor or their assistant for the day will get you in a room and discuss the procedure with you. They will answer any questions and go over an estimate to give you an idea of what the cost of the procedure will be. After everything has been discussed, they will take your pet back to start getting everything prepped.

Every patient that is to be sedated will receive an IV catheter. This allows us to give the induction agent, keep the patient on fluids during their procedure, and, in the unlikely event something goes wrong, have direct access to give emergency medications. Also, any patient that is 6 years of age or older will receive a pre-anesthetic blood panel to be sure everything internally is functioning properly before any form of anesthesia is given. As long as everything appears normal with their blood work, we will continue as planned.

We start by giving your pet their induction drug through their IV catheter. The induction drug we use is very safe and short lived in the body, giving us about 10 minutes to place their endotracheal tube and get them started on gas anesthesia, which is much safer than most injectable forms of anesthesia. Once they are sedated, you will receive a call from either the doctor or their assistant to let you know that we are starting on their procedure. There will be a trained Veterinary Technician monitoring your pet the entire time they are under anesthesia and all their vitals will be recorded on a surgery report. 

Once the procedure is done and your pet has woken up from anesthesia, you will receive another call to discuss how the procedure went, any findings, and schedule a pick up time which will most likely be late afternoon or evening. When you come to pick up, you will be put in a room and a technician will go over a written discharge that details the procedure and gives you instructions for what to do at home, when to give medications, things to watch for, etc. Once the discharge has been discussed with you and you have checked out at the front desk, we will bring you your pet and you are ready to go! 

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