We have a very talented groomer on staff that is more than qualified to give your pet a fresh new look. Jen is very talented and keeps her prices competitive with other groomers in the area.

Jen Wormhoudt, former owner of Diamonds in the Ruff grooming, has been with us now for almost four years and is very skilled in many different cuts for dogs and cats alike. Jen's is available for appointments Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

All prices depend on the condition of your pet’s coat and their behavior.
The groomer can give you an estimate at drop off.
*All grooms include nail clipping, ear hair plucking, a bath, and anal gland expression.*

Small Dogs – $33 and up

Medium Dogs – $40 and up

Large Dogs – $45 and up

Giant Dogs – $60 and up

Cats – $30 and up

Just Baths (Still includes anal gland expression, ear cleaning/plucking, & nail trim)

  • 10lbs and under – $15-$20
  • 11lbs – 30lbs – $25
  • 30lbs – 60lbs – $25-$40
  • 60lbs+ – $35-$50

Our groomer also offers add-ons to any groom! Make the most out of your appointment!

V.I.P. Package (very important pup) – $18.00 extra
In addition to your pet’s regular spa treatment, they will be conditioned, have their nails dremeled, and will have their teeth brushed. The toothbrush will be sent home with you!

Furminator Package – $18.00 extra
The groomer will use a special shampoo and conditioner that is designed to pull out all of your pet’s excess/dead hair. They will then spend extra time using a tool called a furminator brush to get all the dead hair out. Great for those bad shedders!

Furminator V.I.P Package (very important and hairy pup) – $25.00 extra
This package combines both of best worlds. Great for those bad shedders in need of a full spay day

Nail Dremel/Nail Grinding – $10.00 extra
The groomer will use a tool called a dremel to smooth out your dog’s toenails and get them much shorter than just clipping.

Teeth Brushing – $8.00 extra
The groomer will use a special toothpaste and special toothbrush to clean your pet’s teeth. The toothbrush will be sent home with you as well! “While brushing is a successful tool to prevent excess build up on teeth, it is no cure for dental disease that is already present. If you suspect your pet has dental disease, please ask for estimate or call your regular veterinarian for an appointment.”

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